Chiwenga’s sidekick fraudulently bought Dr Mutumba’s Chisipiti Home

The man who ‘bought’ Dr Dzingai Mutumbuka, Zimbabwe’s first Minister of Education’s US$600k Chisipite House using forged documents, Harrison Marange appears to be well well connected with access to Vice President Constantine Chiwenga.

Marange confirmed to The Mirror that he met Chiwenga but vehemently refused that he was the buyer of Dr Mutumbuka’s property. Marange who appears in a group picture with Chiwenga, Chiwenga’s teo nieces Eveyline Chakuinga and Bryline Chitsunge, controversial businessman, Frank Buyanga and a few others alleged that the property was bought by his cousin who share the same name with him and stays in the UK.

He said there are three people in his family who use the name Harison Marange because it was the grandfather’s name. However, Marange’s mobile number is the one that appears on the agreement of sale as the buyer of the house, according to court documents in the hands of The Mirror.

Marange said he has kidney failure, is on dialysis and pleaded with The Mirror not to publish the story as this would push down his health. He promised to supply The Mirror with the ‘buyer’s’ number but did not do so.

He also said he would ask the said Harison Marange in the UK to call The Mirror but again nothing came. Dr Mutumbuka’s nephew Anthony Muperi said Marange was trying to hide behind a finger by refuting that he was the ‘buyer’ of the property. “I know him very well.

I met him several times at the courts and court sessions were cancelled on a number of occasions because he was going for dialysis. The man in the picture there is him”, said Muperi.

It also emerged from the documents that the whereabouts of the seller of the house, Jonathan Ngome are not known and he has never appeared in court to claim ownership of the house. There is suspicion that the seller may nor exist.

The deed of transfer of the house was signed by the Sheriff acting on the order of Justice Chinamhora (pictured) because the ‘owner’ of the house could not be found.

Dr Mutumbuka was evicted from his house this week to allow Marange who only paid US$40k for it to move in.

The suspects who forged the title deeds are appearing in court on January 16, 2024. Mutumbuka who works for the World Bank in the USA condemned corruption in Zimbabwe. Efforts to get a comment from Chiwenga’s office were futile.




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