Hypocrites: Thousands Blown On Terry Gee’s Burial And Yet $250 Would’ve Saved His Life

The untimely demise of Terry Gee, a talented musician in his thirties, has brought to light a tragic irony that has left the music community and other artists reflecting on the choices made in the days leading up to his funeral. It is a somber revelation that the money spent on fuel for the procession to Terry Gee’s final resting place could have covered all his crucial medical expenses and still left a significant sum for other needs.


Terry Gee’s passing was not just a loss to the music industry but also a stark reminder of the financial challenges faced by many artists, especially when it comes to healthcare. Reports indicate that he succumbed to his ailments after failing to secure a mere two hundred and fifty US dollars for essential medical expenses. This modest amount, which pales in comparison to the funds expended on his funeral arrangements, has sparked a broader conversation about the priorities and financial decisions within the artistic community.

Analysis of Irony:

The irony in this situation lies in the fact that the money spent on fuel for the funeral procession could have been redirected to cover Terry Gee’s medical bills. Musicians and artists, who often grapple with financial instability, found themselves unwittingly contributing to a cause that, if addressed earlier, might have saved a fellow artist’s life. The irony deepens when considering that the funeral expenses could have been repurposed for preventive healthcare, highlighting a profound lapse in financial foresight.

Reflection on Artists’ Financial Priorities:

This revelation prompts a critical examination of artists’ financial priorities and the systemic challenges they face. Many artists operate on tight budgets, and the sudden, unexpected nature of medical expenses can be overwhelming. The dilemma arises when contrasting the immediate, albeit necessary, expenses associated with a funeral against the potential life-saving impact of redirecting those funds towards medical care.

Community Response and Calls for Change:

Terry Gee’s passing has ignited a wave of introspection within the artistic community, leading to calls for improved financial literacy and support systems. Artists and musicians are now urging each other to prioritize health and preventive measures over extravagant funeral arrangements. The hope is that this tragic irony serves as a catalyst for positive change within the industry, fostering a collective commitment to addressing both immediate and long-term financial needs.

The irony surrounding the expenditures related to Terry Gee’s funeral unveils a poignant truth about the financial challenges faced by artists. It serves as a wake-up call for the artistic community to reassess their priorities, emphasizing the importance of proactive financial planning, mutual support, and a reevaluation of resource allocation. In remembering Terry Gee, there is an opportunity for the artistic community to come together, learn from this poignant lesson, and strive for a future where no artist has to face the tragic consequences of inadequate financial preparedness.

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