CCC Postpones Its Chitungwiza Sunday Rally

The CCC Party has announced the postponement of its Chitungwiza rally scheduled for Sunday. The move, while unexpected, comes as no surprise given the recent wave of violence directed at the party. Tragically, a pastor lost his life, and many others are now living in fear for their safety.

Observers highlight that the rally was poised to draw a substantial crowd, a potential source of jealousy for rivals ZANU PF, grappling with the reality of its purported loss in the 2023 elections.

The decision to postpone is rooted in security concerns, a vital move to safeguard lives amid the prevailing threats. The CCC Party has assured the public that a new venue will be swiftly announced, emphasizing the necessity for short notice to maintain the safety and security of all involved. Stay tuned for updates as this developing situation unfolds.

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