Prophet who predicted Zahara’s death sends chilling message to Tshabangu


Popular Prophet Obey Mukanhairi, popularly known as Mellontic Orasi, has given a chilling prophecy to Sengezo Tshabangu.

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Sengezo Tshabangu has disrupted Zimbabwean politics since the elections of 23/24 August 2023. Tshabangu, who claims to be the CCC interim secretary general, sprung from obscurity to recall CCC legislators, senators and councillors in October.


The scalps he claimed include CCC deputy national spokesperson Ostallos Gift Siziba, Pashor Sibanda, who defeated Prof Mthuli Ncube and former Harare mayor Ian Makone.


Following Tshabangu’s recalls, the country again plunged into elections on 9 December 2023. To add salt to the wound, he got a court order barring the recalled MPs from rounding in the by-election under the CCC banner. Following the recalls, people like Scott Sakupwanya, who was clobbered in August, are now in parliament.



In his justification, Tshabangu said he is fixing the party, bringing it back to constitutionalism and ridding it of authoritarianism. He said his main grievance is the people who have captured Nelson Chamisa and made him move in strategic ambiguity.


Most opposition supporters now hate Sengezo Tshabangu so much that they even call him Chavangu, which hasn’t sat well with the Ndebele people.


Prophet Obey Mukanhairi Sends Chilling Prophecy To Sengezo Tshabangu

Prophet Mukanhairi Sengezo Tshabangu

Prophet Obey Mukanhairi Sends Chilling Prophecy To Sengezo Tshabangu [Image: Facebook/X]

Some of the people against Tshabangu include the popular Prophet Obey Mukanhairi. The church leader has gained prominence for “predicting” AKA, Costa Tich and Zahara’s deaths. Before the August elections, he also predicted that ZANU PF would retain power.


Mukanhairi has added his voice to the Sengezo Tshabangu issue and issued a chilling warning to him. He said:



“Good morning, Mr Tshabangu. God will never remain quiet. Recall innocent people and make them jobless. Do you know Cancer? It’s a very dangerous disease. Stop spreading like cancer. Cancer.”


Social media users had a thing or two to say in response.


“If I were Tshabangu, I would be scared 😂”



“😂😂😂 uyu zvese zvaanotaura andimbo pikisa at large, ndichiri kuda kurarama ini.”




“Uraya Mellontik uraya😂😂😂😂”


“Uyu ndiye Fabrizio Romano wema prophesy.”




“Mmm chibaba chakutyisa ichi kungorowa move unoswera waudzwa ramangwana😂”


“If this guy makes a prophecy about you, you better be scared coz he hardly misses.”

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