Top 10 political Mamparas and Screw-ups in 2023

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The political landscape in Zimbabwe has witnessed its fair share of controversies and questionable decisions over the years. In 2023, several political figures made headlines for their actions and decisions that raised eyebrows and invited criticism from all corners. In this article, we present a list of the 10 political mambaras or screw-ups that marked Zimbabwe’s political scene in 2023.


1. Douglas Mwonzora:

As the leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai (MDC-T), Mwonzora drew widespread condemnation for single- handedly destroying Morgan Tsvangirai’s legacy. He moved the MDC from the being the largest opposition party in Zimbabwe to being a party of less than 10 000 supporters and zero wins during the elections.


2. Morgan Komichi:

Komichi, a prominent MDC-T member and Mwonzora side kick joins the list of the politically irrelevant for his role towards aiding Mwonzora as he destroyed Tsvangirai’s legacy.


3. Richard Moyo:

Moyo, the Minister of State for Matebeleland North, faced severe criticism for his tenure as Chairman of ZANU PF Matebelaland North Province. The party scored a mere 4 seats during the 2023 harmonised election and this was the most embarrasing performance by the province. Moyo took to the media to blame the poor performance on a ‘last minute wave’ whatever that means.


4. Nelson Chamisa:

Chamisa, the leader of the opposition CCC made a political blunder of alienating some of his top strikers who include Tendai Biti , Welshman Ncube , and many have criticised him on how he handled the Job Sikhala issue as well as the picking of persons to represent CCC in parliament. Chamisa had built a formidable party only to weaken it by making tactical blunders and refusing to listen to advice from those who have his best interests at heart. Chamisa’s stubborn ways gave birth to Sengezo Tshabangu and his world acclaimed nonsense.


5. Roy Bhila:

Bhila, a member of the ruling ZANU-PF party, how does one get fired less than 5 months on the job as Deputy Minister ? Definitely one of the political mambaras of the year.


6. Linda Masarira:

Masarira, a prominent noise maker , opinionated feminist built a strong following on social media only to fail to stand during the elections. What was the noise and the effort if not contesting elections? After the elections she sunk into oblivion becoming a political nonentity. Another political mambara for the history books.


7. Godfrey Tsenengamu:

A former ZANU-PF youth leader, Tsenengamu gained notoriety for his radical opinions ad style. He made a press conference announcing the formation of his political outfit in green overalls. During campaign season he ditched his own party to join the Kasukuwere train , a train which never left the station and now he and Linda Masarira share the bottom of the barrel of political irrelevance.


8. Saviour Kasukuwere: he promised us fireworks. He said he was the man to reign in ZANU PF here we are still waiting for the rain.


9. Chris Mutsvangwa:

Mutsvangwa, a prominent ZANU-PF member and war veterans leader was very vocal during the campaigns and exercised his duty fully as spokesperson of the party. President Mnangagwa rewarded him with a ministry and he went quiet. The war veterans that he is meant to represent have not heard from him neither have they seen him since he assumed his new office. Was he loyal to the cause and struggles of War veterans or was he just loyal to himself?


10. Gift Ostallos Siziba:

Once upon a time there was a motormouth deputy spokesperson aka nomenclature who turned out to be all froth and no broth his claim to fame is unknown, current whereabouts currently unknown ,unseen , unheard and irrelevant.



2023 is the year of political mambaras . Sengezo Tshabangu , Shingi Munyeza, Jacob Ngarivhume, Joana Mamombe and a few others did not make the list because the writer was lazy to go beyond 10 but in essence Zimbabwe is a land of political mambaras who literally screw up things in the political space.

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