Woman Delivers baby In A Kombi

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A Dangamvura woman in Mutare had a kombi journey through the city to remember on Wednesday morning after giving birth to a baby boy in the loaded city-bound public transport.

Ms Patricia Chitsa of Gimboki welcomed her son, Tawanda, a few minutes into her journey from Dangamvura to Sakubva District Hospital for a routine antenatal care check-up.

Ms Chitsa’s husband, Mr Knowledge Nyasha, said the kombi crew and passengers, among them a pre-teen girl, took up midwifery duties near Sakubva swimming pool.

The pre-teen girl, who was on her way to holiday lessons, received the baby before handing him to her mother; much to the delight of other passengers and onlookers.

Despite the drama, the baby arrived without a hitch. Tawanda is Ms Chitsa’s third child.

Inside the kombi, soil was strewn as the kombi crew cleaned up the improvised delivery room.

When The Manica Post caught up with Ms Chitsa later at Sakubva District Hospital, she shared her dramatic experience; saying she was still two months away from her expected delivery date and never entertained thoughts of going into labour that day.

She said along the way, she suddenly felt contractions and realised she was going into labour. She cried out for help and other passengers alerted the driver to stop the vehicle.

The “Yellowbone” kombi crew had to divert the kombi and rush Ms Chitsa and her new-born baby to Sakubva District Hospital, where they were both pronounced healthy.

“I was feeling unwell and wanted to see a doctor. I never thought that I would deliver the baby that morning. I thought they would attend to me at the hospital, allow me to go back home and wait for delivery in February. On our way to the hospital, I suddenly felt the baby coming. I was shocked and scared at the same time. I asked for help. The other passengers were very kind, and they asked the driver to stop the vehicle,” she said.

Ms Chitsa said she was overjoyed when her baby was pronounced healthy at the hospital.

The baby’s father, Mr Nyasa, said he was grateful to the kombi crew and other passengers for helping his wife to deliver their baby.

“Had they not been alert and quick, maybe we could have lost the baby. I would like to thank the kombi crew and fellow passengers for their swift reaction,” he said.

An elated “Yellowbone” kombi conductor, Mr Frank Manjeese, said: “The nurses told us that the baby and his mother were healthy after examining them at Sakubva District Hospital. We refunded the couple their fare. We gave them the money as a push gift because we saw it as a blessing that the baby boy was born in our kombi.

“They blessed our kombi, and we believe that 2024 will be a be blessed year for us.”

The driver Mr Ronald Ngondonga said he was still in shock as he had never seen a woman give birth before.

“I am not usually the driver of this kombi. I am the crew’s supervisor, but I decided to take over and drive it for that trip. I was not aware that there was a pregnant woman in the vehicle. I was shocked when other passengers shouted for me to stop as we approached Sakubva swimming pool. The passengers shouted that a woman had gone into labour. At first I thought it was a joke.

“When I stopped and looked back, I saw the woman delivering her baby. A brave pre-teen girl who was on her way to holiday lessons received the baby,” said Mr Ngongonda.

The kombi’s actual driver, Mr Walter Mahwite, who was seated near Ms Chitsa, said his jacket had to be used to receive and wrap the baby.

“The woman boarded the kombi together with her husband, but she did not show any signs of labour pain. We hope that this baby will one day remember us and come back to us as his ‘godfathers’,” said the man with a beaming smile.

Another passenger, who was present during the incident, Mr Tinotenda Maroso, said he is yet to get over the incident.

“I am still stunned about the whole incident. We were in the kombi when the woman asked to disembark.

“Before we could do anything, we suddenly heard a baby crying. It was both scary and exciting to witness the drama,” said Mr Maroso. *ManicaPost*























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