Holy Ten comes under fire after releasing new song dissing his Baby Mama


Controversial Zim Hip Hop rapper Holy Ten has courted ire on social media after he released a new song dissing his baby mama Tariro Chelsea.


Holy Ten has sparked a storm on social media with his new song which many feel is in bad taste and disrespectful.


Zim Hip Hop Rapper Holy Ten Disses His Baby Mama

Holy Ten took a dig at the mother of his firstborn son. In his latest song, Holy Ten seemingly insinuated that his baby mama Tariro Chelsea intentionally trapped him with a child. He also suggested that she pursued him.


Holy Ten Comes Under Fire After He Releases a New Song Dissing His Baby Mama

Holy Ten Disses His Baby Mama (Image Credit: Instagram @holytenmujaya/@tariro_chelseaa)

Here are some of the lyrics from his new track;


“I got people who look at me differently now coz it looks like I hit it and I chickened out


“I just thought it was missionary but obviously you are on a mission now Wakauya wega ukabvisa blouse…”


Social Media Users Slam Holy Ten

Holy Ten’s latest song has sparked a significant wave of criticism on social media as netizens are dragging him for dissing his baby mama. Social media users called him out for disrespecting the mother of his child for clout.


Check out some of the reactions from social media;



This is some weak man energy 🤮🤮🤮🤢 for the why🙌 the woman is keeping your kid fam 🙌 no matter how much you might disagree 😢 fact is that’s your baby mama and first child👏🙌 what you think your kid will take from this when he grows ko 😮😮😮 you literally to big to be doing thinks for likes and clicks


The level of disrespect to the mother of your child… we are definitely looking at you differently now




She just asked for maintenance not to be her husband ..

Be a man and take care of your baby usatinyaudze👍





Disrespecting the mother of your child iwe uri a deadbeat father is just wild business in my humble books




This is so disrespectful,this lady got your first born your only son.youre better than that bro

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