“Service Delivery Our Top Priority” – Kadoma Mayor 


By Lloyd Mwale in Kadoma 

City of Kadoma Mayor, Cllr Nigel Ruzario has said his council’s top priority is to provide the city with quality service delivery, especially the returning of water to Kadoma homes and an end to sewer problems.

The mayor said this during his Mayor’s Christmas Message to Kadoma.

“This is my first Christmas as your mayor and I would like to thank you for putting your trust in the team that you have deployed to work with me at Town House. It’s a solid and diversified team with different talents and capabilities and I am proud of what we have managed to achieve in the short period we have been at Town House and most of the results are still to show but the foundation has being laid ” Ruzario said.

“Service delivery will remain our top priority which is why we have introduced an incentive of 40% reduction to your bills so that many can clear their arrears.  We need to reduce pressure, modernize our sewer system and to increase water pumping capacity so as to bring water in your homes. Vagari Mvura Ichabuda Mudzimba!”declared Cllr Ruzario.

The mayor also hailed the teamwork between councillors and council management which has seen the city emerging as the best local authority in MashWest.

“Without teamwork between councillors and council management, we won’t have achieved anything hence we have taken a deliberate strategy to engage consecutively and the results has seen our city emerging as the best local authority in MashWest. I am proud that some homes that had no running water for decades are beginning to have water in their taps, refuse collection regularly, some roads being fixed and some streets lights starting to work again. With this, residents have started to believe that our challenges can be fixed,” said the City of Kadoma Mayor.

The mayor revealed the return of the Mayor’s Christmas Cheer Fund and Mayor Sports Tournaments.

“I am happy to announce the return of a solid Mayor’s Christmas Cheer Fund that will go beyond supporting less privileged members of the community during the festive season, also from next January will see the launch of Mayor’s Sports Tournament with the aim of raising awareness on various issues affecting Kadoma such as drug and substance abuse, domestic violence,Child marriages, mental health and HIV and Aids. I call upon all our residents to actually participate in the governance of the Kadoma.

“As the City of Kadoma Mayor I am actually aware of the challenges and triumph that have marked our city over the past months. It becomes more poignant to shift our focus towards whats truly matyers, the bond of the family, the strength of the community and the spirit of generosity that defines the season of goodwill.

“From me and the team I lead, we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!” said the Mayor.

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