Can l Also Be Allowed To Move-on With My Life – Marry

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Marry Mubaiwa, the former wife of Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, has expressed her desire to move on with her life following Chiwenga’s recent marriage to Colonel Miniyothabo Baloyi. Marry and Chiwenga separated in 2019, with Chiwenga accusing Marry of various wrongdoings, such as attempting to kill him and struggling with alcoholism. Marry denies these allegations and believes they were fabricated to justify their divorce.


In a social media post, Marry appealed to be allowed to move on with her life, share custody of their children, and finalize their divorce and division of properties on a 50/50 basis. She said:


Can l also be allowed to move-on with my life, have shared custody of our kids, finalize our divorce & division of properties 50/50, he is above the law so he is allowed to cheat & marry @ his own will, his concubine was sent by the project managers to look after him in China…


Marry has been requesting access to her children but has been unsuccessful so far. She maintains that she is not divorced from Chiwenga and threatened to sue him for adultery. Marry insists that if Chiwenga wants a divorce, he should go through the proper procedures and provide a divorce token (gupuro). She also claimed that Chiwenga used her to have children because his new partner is infertile. She added:


l was naive to actually believe that he loved me and he was in love with me and yet he was using me.


My heart is broken, l just want my children and my properties from him and nothing else. l hope the President knows that he is dealing with “the devil in uniform”.


Marry has repeatedly accused Chiwenga of violating the country’s laws with impunity. She has sought assistance from President Mnangagwa and First Lady Auxilia Mnangagwa but has yet to receive any help. Marry says Chiwenga considers himself in charge of the country’s affairs and has the power to determine where the wind blows. The first family told Marry to stop dragging the president and his family in her dispute with Chiwenga.


President Mnangagwa announced in June 2022 that his deputy had tied the knot with Col. Baloyi, a serving officer in the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA).

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