Man kills side-chick and dies in car accident while fleeing to South Africa

In a harrowing turn of events that some describe as a “crime of passion,” a Bulawayo man known as Mandla tragically lost his life in a fatal car accident after killing his side chick. This incident occurred shortly after Mandla was involved in a violent altercation, resulting in the death of his side chick. The circumstances surrounding these events suggest that Mandla was trying to escape accountability for his actions.

Fight that led to murder.

According to the contents of a voice note sent by Mandla, the two lovebirds were in a physical altercation over infidelity. Mandla narrates that he had supported his side chick financially and even sent her on fully paid holidays.

Mandla shares that his efforts and love were unappreciated, and the lady played him. According to reports, the two got into a physical fight. During the altercation, Mandla reportedly forcefully pushed his girlfriend with such intensity that she struck her head on a solid object, leading to her untimely demise.

Man kills girlfriend

The victim ‘Pre’-Image Source@Instagram

Escape and High-Speed Flight:

Upon realizing the gravity of the situation, Mandla hastily fled the scene in his Mercedes Benz, speeding down Gwanda Road and possibly attempting to return to South Africa. The urgency of his departure hinted at a potential awareness of the consequences awaiting him.

He sent a voice note to a WhatsApp group with some of his friends, confessing what he had done and why. In the voice note, he namedrops his girlfriend’s girl named Anele. He was saying she was the girl behind taking his girlfriend down for him.

Tragic Collision:

The escape, however, met a devastating end when Mandla’s Mercedes collided head-on with an inter-Africa bus upon reaching Kensington. The impact was so severe that the car’s engine reportedly catapulted over 50 meters away. Regrettably, Mandla lost his life in the collision, while fortunately, the occupants of the bus escaped without injury.

Mandla, who was married, is survived by his wife and five children, according to people who knew him.

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