Mazekeen Jade dumps Stunner

Motormouth socialite Mazekeen Jade has said she was willing to pursue a relationship with rapper Stunner despite the fact that he is much older than her, but decided to dump him when she discovered his lifestyle was financed by a sugar mummy.

Stunner (43), seemingly had a fairytale relationship with Mazekeen, who is thought to be in her early twenties, before it all seemed to fall apart when rumours of the rapper’s involvement with his ex, Olinda Chapel, surfaced.

In a recent Instagram Live session, Mazekeen, who has not held her tongue about her ex-boyfriend since their split, said she was bothered by the fact that the rapper was dependent on another woman.

“I could not deal with the fact that he needed another woman to pay his dues,” she said.

Mazekeen said while things were rosy at first, she became bothered when she found out the source of the money the rapper was spending on her.

“We just met, and I thought he was nice, humble and sweet but also as old as f__k. He could be my father. It was a good relationship, I will not lie. He gave me money. I just found out later where all this money was coming from. People started to tell me.”

Mazekeen said she only felt better about the situation after venting on social media.

“Something happened. I was very upset. I got drunk, went live and was talking sh_t. I let everything out, and from that time, I felt better. I exposed everything. I was high and spoke trash about him,” she said.



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