‘Takutongo Risker’ comedian speaks on New Year

RED-HOT comedian Leroy Zaware, who is popularly known as the Comic Elder, is enjoying his place in the sun.

Zaware recently shot to national prominence after releasing the “Takutongo Risker” comic skit.

In the hilarious skit, which has gained popularity on social media, Zaware talks about taking a “risk” by only spending US$5 on salads and meat, which he plans to share with his 12 relatives on Christmas Day.

Based on the interactions he had with the public during an interview with The Sunday Mail Society at Herald House, he is, without doubt, one of the hottest local comedians at the moment.

The 21-year-old, who was born and bred in Harare’s high-density suburb of Budiriro, is refusing to get carried away by the newly found fame.

“I am a bit popular but this does not mean that I will sit on my laurels and enjoy the fame. I am now under intense pressure to produce skits that will become as popular as the current one,” he said.

For Zaware, the year 2024 promises to be a very busy one.

“I have a very busy schedule ahead of me. I have been booked to perform at weddings and other social events. It is work and more work for me,” he said with a chuckle.

His focus is to grow his brand and break into the international market.

“Comedians from South Africa and Nigeria, among other African countries, are breaking into the international market. I wish to export local comedy,” he added.

Zaware also spoke about how “the ghetto culture” influenced him to become a comedian.

“A lot of things happen in the ghetto. Such things, whether they are good or bad, influenced me to become a comedian.

“In my skits, I joke about life in the ghetto,” he said.

He encouraged youths to shun drugs and pursue their dreams.

“In the ghetto, we have talented youths who are not chasing their dreams. Instead, they are abusing substances and drugs.

“I advise young people to shun drugs and pursue their dreams.”



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