“Abahambe!” South African opposition turns away over 700 Zimbabweans attempting to cross Limpopo river

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SOUTH African opposition party Patriotic Alliance has laid siege along the Limpopo River to stem illegal immigration of Zimbabweans into the neighbouring country.

As the festive season wraps up Zimbabweans are trekking down South for greener pastures.

The immigration of Zimbabweans to South Africa has riled the neighbouring citizens accusing them of criminal activities.

With the presidential elections slated for this year in South Africa and in an attempt to lure votes, the Patriotic Alliance is turning away Zimbabweans along the Limpopo River.

The party leadership led by deputy president Kenny Kunene is captured on a video shouting “abahambe” chasing the foreigners on the Zimbabwean side away.

In the video, a man who is believed to be a Zimbabwean, carrying a bicycle could be seen being harrassed and turned back.

Kunene said that they have managed to send back more than 700 Zimbabweans who intended to cross the Limpopo River illegally.

“We have seen the impact of illegal immigration on our country where crimes can not be solved by the police because illegal immigrants are not in the system. We need to deport all illegal immigrants so that we can all build our country.

“We came here in December. Some of our members were here and they have camped. We joined them yesterday and from yesterday evening even this morning just from the campsite of the river we have deported more than 700 people that we have pushed back,” Kunene told South African State media.

Kunene accused Zimbabweans of transporting illegal goods in South Africa through the Limpopo River.

Meanwhile, South Africa’s Border Management Authority (BMA) is tightening screws on Beitbridge turning away more than 200 Zimbabweans seeking to enter South Africa by buses. _*NewZimbabwe*_

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