Starting 2024 With a Bang: Wicknell Chivayo Gives 50 Church Members Toyota Aqua Cars Worth US$400K

Flamboyant businessman Wicknell Chivayo, who is also a dedicated member of the Johanne Masowe apostolic sect, has kicked off 2024 by continuing his giving spree by gifting 50 members of his congregation Toyota Aqua vehicles.

Chivayo took to his official Instagram account to share the news, revealing that he splurged an impressive sum of nearly USD$400,000 to purchase these vehicles for his fellow worshippers.

Wicknell Chivayo Speaks After He Gives Out Toyota Aqua Cars

Wicknell Gives Toyota Aqua

Some of the Toyota Aqua cars given out by Wicknell Chivayo (Image: Mafaro)

According to Wicknell, each car is valued at US$7,500 and he personally handed out the cars to 50 committed church members. He expressed his joy in starting the year by giving back to his fellow believers.


“ABRAHAM mugovi wezvipo zve vatendi…Akaita 50 ma Aqua @ $7500 it means I’ve blessed 50 church members ndoziva kuti ndatanga gore zvakana. It’s not much its only about 400 thousand which is very small money to spend on committed church members.,” shared Wicknell Chivayo on his Instagram stories.


Previous Acts of Generosity

Last April, the businessman treated his church leader, Lawrence Lavious Katsiru, and his wife to two brand new off-road Toyota vehicles. The vehicles in question were a 2023 Hilux GR Sport and a 2023 Fortuner VX, with a combined worth of US$162,000.


In June, Chivayo made a generous donation of US$100,000 to the Sacred Heart Small Christian Community at St Gerard’s Roman Catholic Church in Greystone Park, Harare. Alongside the cash donation, he also contributed a Toyota Hilux single cab and a solar system. This act of kindness was his way of expressing gratitude for the support he received during his mother’s funeral in 2021.

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