City of Kadoma Workers’ Committee Resigns Enmasse


By Lloyd Mwale in Kadoma 

City of Kadoma workers’ committee has resigned enmasse amid allegations of victimisation by four of the city’s management and in solidarity with other workers who have allegedly endured unfair labour treatment by the  council.

In a letter written by the worker’s committee to the City’s Human Resources Manager, Fidelis Matanhire and gleaned by the media, worker’s committee cited failure to separate council business alleging council management have become too personal in their approach. The workers’ committee further alleged failure by council management to separate office titles from works council business, and unfair labour practices by council management, among other allegations.

“As members of Municipality Workers Committee we hereby tender our resignation in protest with immediate from 2 January, 2024 and this is due to the immense pressure from management and to let City of Kadoma to operate without a substantive worker’s committee.”

The former worker’s committee also said since being elected into office the city’s management has never respected worker’s decisions on their elected representatives.

“Since we took office in 2022, management has been treating us as novices in representing workers and failed to separate office titles from works council business, which stalled worker’s committee role within the council which was seen by erratic salary payments, meaningless salary adjustments and uncertain pay dates which is still going on in the council which let workers not to have correct pay dates.

Sour relationship between worker’s committee and management, with the latter engaging in an onslaught on any issue raised by the worker’s committee was also cited in the letter to City’s Town Human Resources Manager which was also copied to the Town Clerk Malvern Dondo, Mayor Cllr Nigel Ruzario,Sanyati District Development Coordinator office, Zimbabwe Federation of Trade Unions and Kadoma Labour Office.

City of Kadoma spokesperson, Nyasha Ndamba confirmed to The ObserverZim that the entire City of Kadoma Workers’ Committee had tendered their resignation.

“Yes, I can confirm that the entire City of Kadoma workers’ committee has tendered their resignation citing bad relationships between them and the management, but as of now most managers are still on holiday. City of Kadoma has not yet issued any statement concerning workers committee resignation,” said the City of Kadoma. spokesperson

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