Heavy downpours, thunderstorms to persist

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More rain is likely to fall today and tomorrow across the country, forecasts the Meteorological Services Department, with the public warned of possible flooding in some areas.

Today, cloudy conditions and afternoon thunderstorms are expected in Matabeleland North, Midlands, Harare Metropolitan, Manicaland and all Mashonaland provinces with localised downpours, possibly exceeding 20mm in the same eight provinces tomorrow.

Yesterday, the department also recorded notable rainfall in Nyanga of 20mm with less than 5mm recorded in Harare and Kadoma.

“It should be warm by day though mild overnight. All remaining provinces are expected to have mild morning conditions, becoming warm by afternoon. Brief cloudy periods and odd showers in places are probable.Lightning strikes remain a threat to humans and livestock, as well as property, and heavy rains may reduce visibility, especially at night,” said the department.

The department has warned the public that excessive moisture may cause poorly constructed buildings to collapse, adding that there was need to reinforce some structures of questionable stability.

The public is urged to avoid crossing flooded rivers, swollen streams, areas where flash flooding has occurred or where flowing water is above ankle height.

The department emphasises that a 30 cm depth of flowing water may sweep away large vehicles.

They are also warned to wait for the water to subside before attempting to cross rivers or flooded bridges, even though flooding is caused by heavy rains that occurred elsewhere, and avoiding sheltering under trees or in isolated sheds during thunderstorms as these are prone to lightning strikes.

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