Zimbabwe immigrants struggling to return to SA

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The Africa Diaspora Forum (ADF) says it has received complaints that some Zimbabweans who had returned home for the Christmas holidays are experiencing problems in crossing back into South Africa.

According to ADF spokesperson Ngqabutho Mabhena, some Zimbabweans who are now naturalised South Africans, are the ones who are encountering problems at the Beitbridge border post.

“What we have received so far is with respect to people with papers of permanent residence it appears that some of them their permanent residences do not appear in the system,” Mabhena said.

he said those who experienced problems, were in possession of South African IDs which indicated that they were born in Zimbabwe.

“So one has to have a certificate on how that was acquired. So some people seem not to be carrying those and they are having challenges,” Mabhena said.

He said the ADF would be available to give advice to those struggling with the South African authorities at the various borders.


“Those who are Zimbabwean exemption Permit (ZeP) holders…we have asked to keep with them directive four of 2023 which clearly explains that the ZeP is extended, so people who cross the border, are not given problems,” Mabhena said.

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