Harare Woman Gets Houses and Cars in Divorce Victory After 19 Years Of Marriage

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Rumbidzayi Gumbo not only sought the dissolution of the marriage but also pursued custody and maintenance for their three children, aged 12 and 17-year-old twins.

Judge’s Ruling on the Divorce

After careful consideration, Justice Maxwell granted Rumbidzayi a divorce decree and mandated Herbert to

contribute $550 per month for child maintenance. As part of the division of assets, Rumbidzayi was awarded two vehicles, namely a Toyota Fortuner and a Mazda 626. At the same time, Herbert received a Nissan Hardbody and ownership of a herd of cattle.

The couple’s jointly-owned Iveco bus will be evaluated, and the proceeds will be equally distributed between them.

Furthermore, the couple possesses a 66.8877-hectare farm, which will be divided equally between them. Rumbidzayi is entitled to 55% of the proceeds from a pending legal case.

Additionally, Rumbidzayi acquired property in Mt Pleasant Heights and Mufakose, while Herbert gained ownership of properties in Crowhill and Snake Park.

Allegations of Abuse and Separation

In her legal declaration, Rumbidzayi detailed instances of psychological and emotional abuse suffered during the marriage. She asserted that the couple had been living separately since 2020.

On the other hand, Herbert vehemently denied the charges, insisting that he fulfilled all the responsibilities expected of a father. Despite the divorce, he expressed continued love for Rumbidzayi, acknowledging that love couldn’t be forced upon someone unwilling to reciprocate.

Final Verdict and Asset Distribution

High Court Judge Justice Fatima Maxwell’s ruling granted the divorce and outlined a fair distribution of assets and responsibilities. The decision reflects a balanced consideration of the parties involved and ensures financial support for the well-being of the children.

The specified monthly child maintenance of $550 aims to contribute to the children’s upbringing. The division of vehicles, farm, and other properties considers both parties’ contributions and needs.

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