Hip Hop Artist Saintfloew married his girlfriend of a long time, Beverly, in an intimate ceremony

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The hip-hop artist is finally off the market after he paid Lobola for Beverly with family and friends as witnesses. Saintfloew has added ‘husband’ to his list of many titles.

News of Saintfloew’s lobola ceremony

A Facebook user shared the Facebook Group pictures from Saintfloew and Beverly’s Lobola Ceremony. He captioned it ‘Saintfloew azviita’, which translates to ‘Saintfloew has done it.’

In one of the pictures, Saintfloew and his now wife Beverly are captured next to a sign that reads: Welcome to our roora day, Beverly and Tawanda. Tawanda is the rapper’s real name.

Businessman Tinashe Mutarisi was at the lobola ceremony supporting his artist and friend, Saintfloew.

Saintfloew married

Tinashe Mutarisi and Saintfloew’s wife-Image Source@Facebook

Their relationship timeline

The two, who keep their relationship under wraps and away from social media, were caught on camera during their engagement. Earlier this January, Saintfloew and Beverly seemingly went on a vacation in Tanzania. Saintfloew knelt and proposed to a stunned Beverly when the two were on a boat ride.

Beverly said yes and showed excitement. The two kissed in celebration of their beautiful moment. It was evident in the pictures that Beverly was showing a baby bump, and the two are expecting parents.

Congratulatory messages pour in from fans.

Saintfloew’s marriage news has been met withseveralf mixed reactions. Some fans are elated that the musician has settled down. Below are some of the comments on the marriage:

@Linia Muchenjekwa

Crush yenyika yaenda

@Precious Zulu

wadadisa wadadisa aewa teatea tovhunduka chii

Other Facebook users showed jealousy and hatred like this one comment below:

@Kudzie Gwinha-Bunu

Haaa kuda kuroorwa kwenyu uku kuroorwa naSaintflow

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