Mambo Dhuterere Reveals His Police Encounter Over Suspicions Of Dealing Drugs

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Gospel musician Mambo Dhuterere has revealed how he once had an encounter with the police over suspicions of dealing drugs.

Mambo Dhuterere spoke to H-Metro and disclosed how some people have been out to soil his name.

Mambo Dhuterere Accused Of Dealing In Drugs The Ndisesekedze hitmaker said one day, he was on his way to Botswana when he had an unusual encounter with the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers.

He recalled:

“There was a point when I was accused of being a drug dealer and BronCleer supplier in Harare. One day, the police stopped me in Plumtree, and they searched me looking for drugs and found nothing. Afterwards the police details on patrons begged for selfies with me.

Mambo Dhuterere revealed that one of the people closest to him had told the police to tarnish his name and take him down. He divulged:

“I was shocked when they told me that they had received a tip-off from one of my peers to search.”

Mambo Dhuterere groaned that 2023 was a trying year for him. Many people came up with allegations against him, some of which were false.

“I experienced quite a lot last year, but social media will always be like that. My faith was tested, but as a couple, we stood by each other because there was no grain of truth in what was being said. No one produced the evidence we wanted for them to back their claims.

“Some of the people who wanted to tarnish my image are well-known social media lunatics who are desperate to boost their numbers. As has become the norm, they had to create fictitious stories to get the attention they wanted using my name.”

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