Madam Boss Comes Under Fire after Praising Wicknell Chivayo

Popular comedienne and socialite Madam Boss has courted ire on social media after she praised controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo.

Madam Boss’ appreciation post for Wicknell Chivayo comes as he had been making headlines for gifting people cars. Recently, he bought 50 Toyota Aqua vehicles for congregants in his church.

Posting on X, formerly Twitter, the businessman shared that each of the cars is valued at US$7,500. He also revealed that he personally gave the vehicles to 50 committed church members, who truly deserved this generous gesture.

Taking to Instagram, Madam Boss posted pictures of Wicknell Chivayo inside his luxurious car and another one in a jet.

Madam Boss Comes Under Fire after Praising Wicknell Chivayo

Captioning the post, Madam Boss applauded Wicknell Chivayo for giving back to the community.

“It’s not kuti ndikuda mota or mari and stuff.

But @sir_wicknell thank you nezvamuri kuita giving back to the community 👏👏👏👏👏

May God protect you and bless you my brother 🙏🙏🙏🙏,” she wrote.

Outrage on Social Media Over Controversial Appreciation Post


Social media users, however, did not take Madam Boss’ post quite well. Her appreciation post attracted massive criticism as social media users slammed her for praising Wicknell Chivayo.


Here are some of the reactions;




Thank you for what Zimbabwe is crippled by darkness because of the money he stole yet you are thanking him please




Was this post necessary if you don’t want to benefit from his corrupt money? A lot of people are doing great things giving back to the community to support vanoshaya hatisati tambokuonai muchivaisa pa page yenyu. Hatina kupusa zvekudaro




U mean giving back something he stole from them😭 the bootlicking🙄😩😢🤦🏾‍♀️

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