Two Brave Young Children Save Woman from Crocodile Attack in Domboshava

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In a remarkable display of courage, two children aged 12 and 9 from Domboshava, Magaya Village saved a woman from a crocodile attack.

The two young children exhibited bravery beyond their years as they rescued a woman ensnared by a 4-meter-long crocodile along the Mungezi River.

The harrowing incident unfolded when the woman, who was reportedly fishing using nets, found herself trapped by the leg in the jaws of the formidable reptile. Undeterred by their age, the two young heroes swiftly took action to save her.

According to The Mirror, the 12-year-old, displaying exceptional strength, managed to pull the woman back from the clutches of the crocodile. Simultaneously, the 9-year-old, quick-witted and resourceful, fetched a log and courageously tossed it towards the crocodile, aiming for one of its eyes.

The strategic move proved successful as the crocodile, momentarily blinded in one eye, relinquished its grip on the woman. The children’s quick thinking and selfless actions undoubtedly spared the woman from a potentially tragic fate.

National Parks Intervention

Following the incident, National Parks authorities were alerted and promptly arrived at the scene. They successfully captured the crocodile, which bore visible signs of the encounter, with one eye missing.

The woman, though undoubtedly shaken by the ordeal, was reportedly in stable condition after the heroic intervention by the two young rescuers.

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