World’s most powerful new truck goes to Zimbabwe

Despite Zimbabwe’s protracted economic problems, a few companies and individuals can still afford luxury and utility cars from outside the country.

Someone, for instance, has bought this US$150 000 Hennessey Mammoth 1000 TRX: The world’s most powerful pickup truck.

It was imported through Durban, South Africa.

For most late-model-performance enthusiasts, the name Hennessey (Performance Engineering) is recognised as one of the automotive aftermarket’s premier modifiers, making cars and trucks that leave the company’s Sealy, Texas, United States, headquarters with the perfect blend of power, handling, and comfort.

For its latest build, dubbed the Hennessey Mammoth 1000 TRX, engineers selected Ram’s all-new 2021 Ram TRX half-ton wonder rig, which also happens to be Four Wheeler’s 2021 Pickup Truck of the Year, for a slew of high-performance upgrades that raise its 6.2L Hellcat V-8 engine’s horsepower from 702 hp to 1,012 hp, and earns Mammoth 1000 the distinction of being the world’s most powerful pickup truck.

The Ram TRX already boasts the highest horsepower of any vehicle manufacturer’s pickup, so its performance, styling, and off-road enhancements make it the most formidable new truck one can buy.

As they, some always thrive in a crisis as they see opportunity or are part of the problem.




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