Zimdancehall Musician Freeman Exposed for Lying About His Relationship with Slain Armed Robber Godknows Machingura

It never rains but pours for Zimdancehall musician Freeman as he seems to have be exposed for lying about his friendship with slain armed robber Godknows Machingura.

Freeman, real name, Emegy Sylvester Chizanga who has been making headlines for his close association with armed robbers has once again found himself in the spotlight over his friendship with Godknows Machingura.

Freeman details the nature of his relationship with Godknows Machingura

Early this month, Zimdancehall artist Freeman HKD was called in for questioning by the CID Homicide. This comes after he was implicated in the armed robbery case

In a warned and cautioned statement, Freeman exposed the true nature of his relationship with the late armed robber Godknows Machingura.

In the statement, Freeman categorically stated that his friendship with slain-armed robber Godknows Machingura began in 2017. He claimed that Machingura, presented himself as a music promoter and fan, and invited Freeman to perform in Durban.

“In brief, I wish to further state that I started interacting with Machingura back in 2017 when my management team was contacted by Machingura inviting me to perform at a show he was organizing in Durban. Machingura presented himself to my management as a music promoter and someone who really liked my music. My management entered into an agreement with him and Machingura paid for the whole show, including our air tickets to and from Durban {inclusive of all expenses, food and accommodation). Our first show together was a huge success such that he invited me to another show {in Duirban in 2018. Ever since that time we grew to be friends since I was very appreciative of the support he extended to me as a musician and many other musicians at a very difficult time,” reads part of the statement.

Freeman emphasized that his friendship with Godknows Machingura was solely based on a genuine interest in the music and entertainment business.

My association with Machingura was purely innocent and founded on music entertainment business/relationship,” he said.

However, it has emerged that Freeman has lied about his relationship with Godknows Machingura. Contrary to Freeman claims that he only started knowing Godknows in 2017, it has emerged that they knew each other way before 2017.

According to H-Metro investigations, Freeman and Godknows relationship dates back as far 2015. The publications has also uncovered pictures of two together posing for selfies in 2015 and 2016.

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