CCC to take decisive action over party name

The main opposition party in Zimbabwe, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), has stated that it is taking decisive action to address a dispute over the party name.

The party, led by Nelson Chamisa, has faced internal divisions, especially after the 2023 elections.

A dispute arose when Sengezo Tshabangu, the disputed interim Secretary General of CCC, started recalling party members from Parliament and councils, claiming they no longer belonged to the party. Some party officials, including Chamisa, have called Tshabangu an imposter, but they have yet to provide evidence to support their claims. This has led to a power struggle within the party, with some aligned with Chamisa accusing Tshabangu and his allies of hijacking the party.In a statement from the CCC’s official account, the party emphasized that the CCC is more than just a name as it represents an idea cherished by the citizens. The party hinted at decisive and exciting steps ahead.

Said the party: CCC which is led by President @nelsonchamisa is more than just a name, it’s an idea that resides in the hearts and souls of the citizens. While a name can be abused, an idea cannot. The next steps are decisive and exciting.

This comes amid speculation that Chamisa may be considering forming a new party called the Democratic Alternative of Zimbabwe (DAZ). This speculation was fueled by a post from CCC deputy spokesperson Gift Ostallos Siziba, which mentioned Chamisa leading the Democratic Alternative in Zimbabwe.

Siziba said:The leader of the Democratic Alternative in Zimbabwe is Advo Nelson Chamisa.

Chamisa’s own social media messages have further fueled rumours, with suggestive statements about the future. One of his recent social media posts read:

THE FUTURE IS IN OUR HANDWRITING.. We choose to paint the whole country with the universal colour of love. The next steps are decisive and exciting… Can’t you hear the sound of freedom??

However, there is no official confirmation of a new party formation. Some believe Siziba’s post was intended to gauge public reaction and possibly confuse the ruling ZANU PF party. In the past, ZANU PF allegedly created parties with similar abbreviations to confuse CCC members during elections. These parties did not actively participate in politics. Analysts speculate that they were tactics employed to sow confusion among voters.

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