Australian-based 40-year old Zimbabwean Cougar Offers US$200 Reward For Ben 10s’ Phone Numbers

A Zimbabwean woman based in Australia is causing a buzz on social media with an unusual request for the phone numbers of three younger men.

Known as Jossy Jovial Cougar, formerly Jossy Jovial Goal Digger, she recently took to Facebook, enticing her followers with a US$200 cash reward for anyone who could provide her with the personal phone numbers of her desired targets.

The Chosen Three

The three individuals that are in the cougar’s crosshairs are radio personality Tafadzwa Shugeta, content creator Denzel Tadiwa Maveve, and Sekuru Gudo.

Jossy Jovial Cougar made it clear that she doesn’t mind that these men are already in relationships, emphasizing that they are at least ten years younger than her and describing them as fine specimens.

Captioning the three images of her potential Ben 10s, Jossy Jovial Cougar wrote,


Ndakutongo Risker , Hazvina basa kuti vanhu vevanhu. These 3 are my COUGAR targets. They are all more than 10 years younger than me. Anyone with their numbers please get in touch there is a $200 reward. Ummmmmn idzi inyama idzi.


Her post found its way to popular entertainment and celebrity gossip blog, Zimcelebs. After the blog shared Jossy’s post, Instagram users flooded the comments section and gave their two cents on the matter.


Social Media Reacts as Jossy Jovial Cougar Requests for Ben 10s’ Phone Numbers


Some suggested that she wanted to sacrifice the young men as part of the occult while some pointed out that some men were envious that they were not included on the list of the cougar’s targets. Some pointed out the hypocrisy of social media by stating that if a man had made this request there would have been an uproar. A section of women suggested that she was doing them a disservice by posting thirsty content on social media.


Here are some of the note-worthy comments:




Spirit of Jezebel looking for a sacrifice apa hanzi nevamwe awanirwa nyasha 🤣



Deep down pane akutoti why ndisiri paList iro 😂




Targets??? Ko ukashandiswa kuma rituals chembere idzi haadzitembeke😂😂😂




Imagine if the genders we reversed and it was a grown man saying this




Ava vanotibvisisawo chimiro sevanhu kadzi🚮.


Jossy Jovial Cougar Gives Update

In an interesting update, Jossy Jovial Cougar later revealed in the comments section of her original post that she was now in possession of the phone numbers of her three potential Ben 10s.



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