Selmor shares Tuku’s 1978 roora/lobola list

Oliver Mtukudzi having a laugh backstage at Kutonga Kwaro album launch

So the fifth anniversary of the death of Zimbabwean music legend Oliver Mtukudzi has come and gone.

And one way of commemorating is him as by his daughter Selmor Mtukudzi, who posted his lobola/roora list. This was to her mother, Tuku’s first wife Melody Murape.

From what we calculated, that was a good 523 Rhodesian dollars.

Exchange rate-wise, one British pound was two Rhodesian dollars.

That the total in pounds at GBP262.50

Using the Bank of England’s inflation calculator, that is £1,370.31.

In USD, that is $1,741.20.

Oliver Mtukudzi roora Selmor Mtukudzi
Oliver Mtukudzi roora Selmor Mtukudzi


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