Children sell out ‘cheating mom’

Chief Makoni

Fed up with their mother’s alleged cheating during their father’s absense, Taurai Nyamukachi’s children recently let the cat out of the bag and informed him, leading to the couple’s divorce.

This came out during a session at Chief Makoni’s court when Nyamukachi of Maparura Village was suing his neighbour, Arthur Mugoti, for allegedly having an affair with his wife.

Nyamukachi told the court that his children and other villagers tipped him of the alleged affair between Mugoti and his wife, which led to their divorce.

“Whenever I was away from home, Mugoti would visit my homestead. He would take my wife away and bring her back in the evening. I was informed of this development by my own children who were fed up with their mother’s unbecoming behaviour.

“Fellow villagers whom I had contracted to sink a well at my homestead also informed me of Mugoti’s frequent visits at my homestead during my absence.

“At one time Mugoti came during the evening when I was around and my wife rushed to the door to inform him of my presence. My son who is doing Form Four saw him,” said Nyamukachi.

“My son and his sibling informed me that their mother and Mugoti were seeing each other.

“I reported the matter to Headman Maparura’s court. Mugoti pleaded guilty before the court and was fined a beast and three goats but he is now refusing to pay the fine.

“Before the matter appeared at the village court, my mother-in-law gave me a divorce token and took her daughter away. We are divorced now. I want Mugoti to compensate me with eight cattle for ruining my marriage,” said Nyamukachi.

However, Mugoti told the court that he only visited Nyamukachi’s homestead to buy tomatoes and was never in a relationship with his wife.

“I visited Nyamukachi’s homestead twice with the intension of buying tomatoes. He later called me to his homestead and confronted me about dating his wife and I denied that. He took the matter to the headman’s court, but he failed to provide evidence of my alleged affair with his wife.

“He later shifted goalposts and said I should pay him for setting foot on his homestead. I was fined a beast and two goats and I am disputing the ruling,” said Mugoti.

In its ruling, Chief Makoni’s court cleared Mugoti of any wrongdoing, saying there was no evidence of an affair between him and Nyamukachi’s ex-wife.

The court said visiting someone’s homestead does not constitute cheating.

“The headman’s court misdirected itself by convicting Mugoti of adultery because there is no proof that the two were ever in a relationship.

“We cannot convict people based on hearsay, no matter who is saying it. The children who are alleging that their mother was cheating are not even present to give evidence in this court.

“The headman’s ruling is therefore quashed. One cannot be fined for visiting a neighbour’s homestead,” ruled the court.



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