Man demands his share from proceeds in homosexual act

Mrs Rose Matondo

A Chigodora man allegedly slept with another man, got paid for it and handed over the money to his unsuspecting father, The Weekender has learnt.

Chase Matondo recently dragged his stepmother, Mrs Rose Matondo, to Headman Chigodora’s court as he accused her of benefitting from the sale of the truck bought from proceeds of his “sweat”.

Matondo claimed that his father’s will stated that he should get money from the proceeds of the sale of the truck.

Scores of people who were packed at the headman’s court were stunned by Matondo’s shocking confession that he was intimately involved with a white man and was paid some money which was used by his father to buy a truck.

Matondo repeatedly stated that he unwillingly got intimate with the said man, but was paid for the act.

He, however, asserted that there was nothing wrong in bedding the man.

Those in attendance were left dumbstruck.

“I gave the money I ‘earned’ to my father and he acquired a truck on my behalf. The truck was later sold and I got nothing from the proceeds of its sale.

“We had agreed with my father before he died that he would briefly use the truck then hand it over to me. I am sure before his death he wrote a will explaining that I was supposed to get some money from the truck.

“I have to confess in front of everyone that I slept with a white man several times for me to get the money which was used to buy the truck. The white man has since left the country. I was involved in homosexual acts, and there is nothing wrong with that,” he said.

However, Mrs Matondo told the community court that she owes her stepson nothing.

“What is painful is that I took care of him ever since he was young. I treated him like my own son. I am shocked to hear him claiming that I owe him some money.

“When my late husband got his pension, he said he wanted to buy some assets so that we could be comfortable in life. These assets include the truck.

“However, the truck was registered in my stepson’s name. My husband and I did a lot for Chase. Even when his wife passed on, we forked out a lot of money to settle some outstanding lobola. He is just ungrateful,” said Mrs Matondo.

Headman Chigodora ruled that Matondo was being greedy.

“It is a pity that you are accusing your stepmother of not giving you your share. You are greedy. Why did you wait for your father to die before you could demand your so-called money back?

“You defiled the community through your shameful acts of homosexuality. You are a disgrace to the Chigodora community.

“You are the reason why the rains are not falling as much as we would want. You should pay for this abomination.

“Did you ever tell your father that you slept with another man and got paid for it?” asked Headman Chigodora.

Matondo was fined a beast or US$300 for defiling the Chigodora community.

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