Murdered  for interfering in neighbour’s marriage

A 19-year-old Chipinge man was found dead after a neighbour allegedly butchered him for interfering in his marriage.

Peter Sithole was found lying facing downwards on the side of a footpath.

His body was soaked in blood and blood trails could be seen some meters from the body.

The suspect, Advance Kwako, vanished from the scene soon after committing the heinous crime.

Acting Manicaland provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Wiseman Chinyoka confirmed the incident which happened at Glendalough Farm in Chipinge.

“Kwako had marital disputes with his wife, Mukudzei Makwarise (28), resulting in her leaving their matrimonial home. She went back to her parents’ home.

“Kwako made a follow-up at Mukudzei’s parents’ home with the intention of taking her back home, but she refused. Mukudzei sought refuge at Village Head Isaac Sithole’s homestead.

“Peter then left his homestead and proceeded to Village Head Sithole’s home where Zvihari Makwarise (48), his daughter Mukudzei and her three children had sought refuge after having arguments with Kwako.

“Village Head Sithole left his homestead and instructed Peter, Zvihari and his family to remain at the homestead to avoid confrontations with Kwako.

“However, Peter left the homestead without notice and proceeded to an unknown destination,” said Assistant Inspector Chinyoka.

Later during the day, Peter met a 13-year-old juvenile who was on her way to a tuck-shop in Njanji Village.

They talked briefly, with Peter enquiring about Kwako’s whereabouts.

“The juvenile continued with her journey. After about 30 minutes, the juvenile returned from the tuck-shop and bumped into Peter’s body lying in a pool of blood.

“She quickly ran and notified neighbours. The neighbours proceeded to the scene and a police report was made,” said Assistant Inspector Chinyoka.

He added: “It was established from locals that Kwako was once heard complaining that the now late Peter was interfering in his family issues. It is therefore highly probable that he could have perpetrated the murder.”

Assistant Inspector Chinyoka urged people to desist from acting on emotions and seek advice from the elderly or the ZRP’s Community Liaison Department.

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