ZRP Arrests 10 Schoolchildren At A Wild Vuzu Party In Bulawayo

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has arrested ten schoolchildren having a wild time at a midweek vuzu party in Bulawayo.

The group included eight school-going minors and two who dropped out. The children are aged between 14 and 16 years. The underaged kids organised the vuzu party on Wednesday, 25 January, which was a school day.

The minors held the wild party at number 12 Browning Road in Bradfield, Hillside, Bulawayo. After keeping the plans and preparations under wraps, they headed to their hide-out for a good time. They also organised a lot of alcohol and substances which they would smoke.

Deep within their reverie, the ZRP stormed the house and apprehended all ten children.

The ZRP confirmed the incident and arrest on its X account:

“The ZRP has arrested ten juveniles aged between 14 years and 16 years at a vuzu party at number 12 Browning Road, Bradfield, Hillside, Bulawayo. The majority of the juveniles are from two local schools, while two are school drop-outs.

“Some of them were smoking shisha, which contains a substance which CID Drugs and Narcotics are now verifying. The Police are now engaging the parents and school authorities for the juveniles. More details will be released in due course.”

Tinzwei explains:

“Vuzu parties are wild indoor gatherings organised by teenagers with activities that include beer drinking binges, drugs, and unprotected s_x — at times with multiple partners.”

Vuzu parties first took Bulawayo by storm in 2015, stirring a Parliament motion to ban the parties. However, the legal route has not been effective in curbing the problem, as the youth have resorted to changing tactics and avoiding public spaces.

Last month, the ZRP intercepted a message on social media mobilising children for a Vuzu party at Parklands Suburb and clamped down to stop the illegal gathering. In 2022, Police nabbed 39 students from various schools in Bulawayo at a Khumalo while conducting a Vuzu party. The school kids had whisky, cigarette stubs, and used and unused condoms at the scene.


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