Leadership Is Not An Event But A lifetime Commitment – Busha


By Desire Tshuma

Free Zim Congress leader Joseph Makamba Busha has made a public comment concerning the resignation of CCC leader Mr Nelson Chamisa and clarified the role of a leader.

“Leadership is not an event but lifetime commitment, leaders never surrender or give up like what Nelson Chamisa has done,” said Mr Busha.

“Leadership requires a certain level of maturity. I cannot speculate on what he is planning but I wish him well whatever he does. If he requires some help we can help him,” said the Free Zim Congress leader.

Nelson Chamisa wrote a resignation letter to his party CCC last week bidding farewell, a development which is still a shock to his supporters. One political analysts who spoke to this publication expressed fear that Chamisa could be going to stay abroad any time soon for his life time alleging he could have accomplished his mission of selling out his party to the ruling party.

Free Zim Congress president Busha said Zimbabwe has been in a political stalemate for a long time, which he described as a “tragedy”

“This has led to economic challenges, lack of development, high level of unemployment, food insecurity, high level of corruption in parastatals, to mention just few.

“Unfortunately Zimbabweans have gone through this for quite a long time, it is our promise as Free Zim Congress to come to the rescue of Zimbabweans on this economic decline,” Busha said.

“I am a principled democratic individual, and I hope Zimbabwe has learnt from the kind of administration that they have been under for years. Trust is not bought by food parcels or by words but by action. If you don’t have a trusted leader come to Free Zim Congress where you shall get mature leadership ” said president Busha.

Free Zim Congress is a registered political party that has structures from cell level up to national level. This year in December they have a convention to elect new leadership.
















































































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