Madzibaba Prophet Masango A True Messenger Of God, Serves The World

By Desire Tshuma 

Prophet Masango, a Harare based prophet has been applauded national for his unwavering spiritual healing as he destabilizes spiritual attacks globally.

Madzibaba Masango, pictured above doing his spiritual calling, has over the years been doing the work of God in Zimbabwe and abroad. He has helped Christians and non-Christians in all spiritual healings. “I have and will keep on doing the work of God, not only in Harare but across all the provinces in Zimbabwe,” said Madzibaba Masango.

Madzibaba Masango is preparing to visit the United Kingdom in a few months to come. The man of God, Madzibaba Masango was in few years ago tempted by the devil but he did not withdraw from the work of God. All his children perished in an accident while coming from school along Mutare Road. Only his wife who had gone to take them from school for the holidays survived but was left critically injured.

“We have a social media platform whereby my congregates share their testimonies, I have helped infertility couples, brought back stolen property, done go-back-to sender and all spiritual attacks,” added Madzibaba Masango.

Madzibaba Masango has been traveling nationally preaching and healing the needy people. Madzibaba Masango, a young spiritually gifted man, is well-known in Zimbabwe for his unwavering spiritual healings.

This publication yesterday  caught up with him in Harare and spoke  about his future endeavors. He told this writer that whatever spiritual temptations that he has come across he managed to deal and crush them.

However some bogus spiritual healers have been a cause of concern to him and his congregation. “I have different social media platforms whereby I link up with people who need spiritual healings, but bogus spiritual healers have tried to deceive my congregates but through the power of God they have failed to hijack the children of God who seek my spiritual attention,” added Madzibaba Masango.

Videos of live sermons and spiritual healings are shared on Facebook and YouTube accounts . He urges those who have spiritual challenges to contact him on the following numbers +263773066354 ,+263776581698 and + 263776581704.

A video of his exclusive interview with The Observer News reporter Desire Tshuma is circulating on Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp and Instagram. Those who have spiritual challenges are invited to call on the contacts provided above.

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