Caught On Camera: Ivorian man caught asking for lady’s number during AFCON match apologises to his wife

An Ivorian gentleman, identified as Anselme Santos, has publicly apologized to his wife and children for a recent incident during a live football match at the ongoing African Cup of Nations (AFCON).

The incident in question involved Mr Santos approaching a Senegalese lady for her phone number, and the images of this encounter quickly went viral after the Round 16 match between Senegal and Ivory Coast. The incident became an instant meme, spreading across social media platforms.

Appearing on a popular Ivorian program, Sly de Sly Show, alongside his wife, Mr Santos acknowledged the lapse in judgment. He expressed sincere remorse for any distress caused to his family.

Mr. Santos’ Apology and Explanation

According to Actu Foot on X (formerly Twitter), Mr Santos admitted to the mistake and explained that he asked the Senegalese lady for her number in the heat of excitement during the match. However, he clarified that he respected her decision when she declined and did not insist.

“I asked her for her number; it was euphoric; we were talking before and during the match. I apologize to the lady in the video. In the euphoria, I told her, ‘Give me your number.’ It wasn’t mean, but she didn’t want to. So I didn’t insist. I want to take this opportunity to apologize to the lady, my wife, and my children,”

Anselme Santos

Anselme Santos-Image Source@X

Similar Incidents in the Sporting World

Instances like Mr Santos’s viral moment are not uncommon during live football matches. In January 2020, an Ecuadorian man named Deyvi Andrade faced public scrutiny when he was caught kissing a woman on the Kiss Cam during a friendly match between Barcelona SC and Delfin in Ecuador. Subsequently, he admitted to infidelity in his relationship after the incident gained widespread attention.

A Kiss Cam, a popular feature during timeouts at many sporting events, captures sweet moments between couples and unexpected situations, revealing aspects of relationships that may not always be faithful.

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