Manyara Irene Muyenziwa: NERA is the Idea that Zimbabwe Needs

By Staff Reporter
In an exclusive interview with this publication, Manyara Muyenziwa who is NERA Convener explained the vision and mission of NERA, which she said is not about individuals, but about an idea.
“The essence of NERA is an idea, not a person. We appreciate the power of ideas more than the influence of personalities and we look ahead rather than behind. NERA is a platform for conversation, where we share and grow ideas on how to ensure fair elections. Anyone who wants to contribute to this goal is invited to be part of NERA. Here, we care about the idea, not the one who proposes it. We call on all political actors to prioritize Zimbabwe and join forces for electoral reforms.” Muyenziwa said.
She added that NERA is not a political party, but a broad-based movement that welcomes anyone who shares its values and principles. She said that NERA is not concerned about the past failures or successes of any political leader, but rather about the future of the country and its people.
“We are not here to judge or endorse anyone. We are here to work together for a common cause. We believe that the only way to achieve credible elections is through dialogue, consensus and cooperation. We are not here to seek personal glory or to advance any hidden agenda. We are here to serve Zimbabwe and its citizens.” Muyenziwa said.
Muyenziwa also dismissed the allegations that NERA is a puppet of foreign interests or a tool of regime change. She said that NERA is an independent and sovereign entity that operates within the confines of the law and the constitution.
Muyenziwa urged all Zimbabweans to join NERA and to support its cause as she believes NERA is the idea that can transform Zimbabwe and make it a better place for all.
“NERA is the idea that can end the cycle of electoral fraud and violence. NERA is the idea that can restore the legitimacy and credibility of the government and the institutions. NERA is the idea that can foster a culture of democracy and human rights. NERA is the idea that can unleash the potential and creativity of the people. NERA is the idea that can bring hope and change to Zimbabwe. NERA is the idea that we need.” Muyenziwa said.

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