Zimbabwean Fighter Themba Gorimbo Stuns UFC with Lightning Strike 32-Second Knockout Victory

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Themba Gorimbo, representing Zimbabwe, clinched another electrifying victory in the UFC, marking his third fight with an impressive 32-second knockout. Facing off against Pete Rodriguez in a welterweight preliminary bout at Saturday’s UFC Vegas 85, Gorimbo’s performance left spectators in awe once again.

Zimbabwean Fighter Themba Gorimbo Stuns UFC with Lightning Strike 32-Second Knockout Victory
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The Thunderous Knockout

As Rodriguez attempted a left-hand strike, Gorimbo swiftly countered with a lightning-fast right hand, resonating throughout the arena as it dropped his opponent to the canvas.

Gorimbo capitalised on the opportunity, delivering a flurry of ground-and-pound strikes, prompting the fight to be waved off via TKO within the opening frame.

Quoting the Fighter

Reflecting on his victory, Gorimbo expressed gratitude for his Zimbabwean roots and his aspirations to leave a lasting legacy, inspired by footballer Sadio Mané. In his post-fight interview, he shared, “I want to become the champion in 2024!”

A Shoutout to The Rock

Post-match, Gorimbo extended a shoutout to Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock,” whose support has been pivotal in his journey as a UFC welterweight. Johnson’s assistance, including providing a new home and a sponsorship deal, has significantly contributed to Gorimbo’s success.

Gorimbo’s Rising Star

Having secured his third consecutive victory in the Octagon, Gorimbo’s star continues to ascend. Gifted a house by The Rock last August, Gorimbo’s tenacity and skill have propelled him forward in his UFC career.

Champion Aspirations

With his sights set on the ultimate prize, Gorimbo remains determined to claim the UFC championship belt by the end of 2024. His unwavering commitment serves as a beacon of inspiration, not only for fellow fighters but also for the youth of Zimbabwe, who look up to him as a role model.

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