Tale of a genius who aced 30 points at ‘A’ Level


The former Kwekwe-based Shungu High School learner secured 30 points in his Zimbabwe School Examinations Council Advanced Level exams.

He had an A in each of the six subjects he sat — Pure Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, Statistics and Computer Science.

This comes barely two years after the Redcliff-born teenager got 15As and one B at Ordinary Level.

“My father, who is an internal auditor at a local steel company, has been my motivation. He got 13 points at A-Level and I have told myself I should outdo him,” Goredema told The Sunday Mail.

To manage his time, he adhered to a strict timetable for both studies and hobbies.

“There is no insurmountable obstacle if you strike the perfect balance. I stuck to a schedule of five hours of study per day from the very first day of school in Lower Six, with two days of rest per week.

“I would retire from the intensive study on Wednesdays and Saturdays, devoting the time to school clubs and other social activities. I was also a member of the school choir.”

He credited his school for maintaining a standardised study programme.

“There were two regular hours of mandatory evening study at school, which had to be observed religiously by everyone, including myself.

“After that, I would study for an hour in the wee hours of the morning, then for two hours during the day. For the two years, I managed to strictly adhere to this timetable.”

His dream is to study actuarial science at a top university in the hope of contributing positively to society.

“I will help people get good healthcare, good financial cover in the event of certain risks occurring and assist them to protect themselves in old age, too. At the same time, I will be doing what I love and enjoy most — Maths and Statistics,” he added.

“I hope to get a scholarship to a top university like Oxford (United Kingdom) or Stanford (United States) or University of Cape Town, if it’s to be in Africa.

“Locally, I would prefer the University of Zimbabwe, which is a source of national pride.”

While many children struggle with Mathematics and Science subjects, Goredema believes it takes the right mindset and perfect balance.

“I always refer to my Bible when I face any challenge; I find strength from the Word,” he said.

In addition to thanking his parents, Goredema also credited his success to the support he got from his teachers, especially Ms Gamuchirai Marcani, who was his mentor from Form One.

While many learners of his calibre usually tend to be “nerds” or anti-social, Ms Marcani said, Goredema, who was also a deputy head boy at the school, is cut from a different cloth.

“Michael was always jovial and would socialise with anyone at school, even those from junior classes. He has been a well-behaved young man, who is always eager to learn since the time I identified him as a bright learner whilst he was still in Form One.”

Goredema’s close friend at school, Darrell Muchungurambi, passed with 25 points. He got an A in each of the following subjects: Pure Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Statistics and Computer Science.

When Goredema was enrolled at Shungu High School in 2018 for Form One, he was quickly integrated into the quiz and debate teams.

His academic abilities resulted in him being voted captain.

At 14, he made his debut appearance at the national championships for the Orate Africa competition, where he ended up in an impressive sixth position despite facing off against many learners who were older than him.

During his A-Levels, he was in first position in the Provincial Spelling Bee contest.

He also made it to the top five in the regional edition of the Orate Africa competition.



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