Actor Jimmy Mudereri Bashed For Defending Wicknell Chivayo’s Car Donating Spree

Local actor Jimmy Mudereri was recently bashed by some members of the public for defending Wicknell Chivayo’s car donating spree to musicians.

H-Metro reported that on Monday, Jimmy hiked an open truck as he was going to his home, located in Seke, Chitungwiza. The back of the truck was filled to the brim so it was a vibe.

As the passengers in the truck discussed various issues, they swerved into the Wicknell Chivayo issue.

The Mercedes-Benz Galore

Over the past few months, Wicknell has been on an unprecedented roll splashing out cars. He has been donating cars and money to ZANU-PF supporters and creatives.

Last year, he splurged US$ 10,000 on Sabhuku Vharazipi for praising President Mnangagwa in their skits. He also bought a car for ZANU-PF musician Chief Hwenje.

As if that’s not enough, Chivayo got a Mercedes Benz S600 worth US$180,000 for Jah Prayzah. He said this was for the songs Mdara Vachauya, Kutonga Kwaro and Chiremerera, which seemingly extol President Mnangagwa.

Chivayo also got a Mercedes-Benz GLE350d for DJ Fantan, a GLE400d for Sandra Ndebele, a GLE300d for Sulumani Chimbetu. Other creative like Seh Calaz and DJ Ollah 7 have also clamored to get free cars, but Chivayo blueticked them.

Jimmy Mudereri, who was chilling in the windy back of a truck on Monday, praised Wicknell for spashing out on cars for artists. Other passengers expressed displeasure at Wicknell’s acts of benevolence to ZANU-PF praise singers.

The situation got emotive and the passengers thrashed Jimmy for siding with Wicknell:

“We were discussing what Sir Wicknell is doing to give some individuals cars and I said I am praying for him to continue doing such good things. Some passengers got angry and the argument became heated up and this guy grabbed me by the collar and slapped me in the face.

“My phone was broken, in the process, since we had a tussle apa mota ichitofamba. Vamwe ndivo vakatozopindira and the driver stopped the car. We then reached a truce and proceeded home.”



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