“Madhiri Manyama”: Zimbos Thrilled As Man Carries His Child On The Back In The CBD

An unidentified man has tickled Zimbos online after walking around the CBD carrying his child on the back.

Man Carried Child On The Back, Beer Bottle In Hand

The man, who is yet to be identified, had gone to town with his wife. He looked very carefree, clad in black shorts, a grey t-shirt, trainers and a black cap to shield from the sun.

As he strutted in the downtown of the CBD, people got amused and whipped their phones to record him.

He had strapped his child on his back with a baby towel, tightly so. The loving father walked slightly behind the wife, calm and collected as can be, and unbothered by the attention he drew.

He tightly grabbed an empty beer bottle on his right hand, much to the fancy of the public. People quickly assumed that his wife had asked him to carry the baby and promised him a beer.

Check out some of the responses below.

“Paitwa dhiri apa😂 Unenge wanzi Babe bereka mwana ndokutengera Black Label.”


“Hant ndiye yellow bone mu relationship so ndaabereke mwana😂😂”


“But wangu mwana ndomubereka futi handimbonyare.”


“This is real love. Y’all could say kudyiwa but moyo moyo moyo.”


“But why zvichishamisa kuma blacks 🤦🏾 varungu vanongobereka wani kungoti vanoisa kumberi not back🤷🏾”


“Love language wena 😂🙌🏾❤️ chibaba chakadzipa hacho label uku nana ari kumusana❤️”

😂😂😂😂Murume anoita zvinhu zvese zvinoita kuti doro ribude.”

“Pitikoti Government ine power kupfuura CCC.”


“😂😂Dzakatobata bhodhoro rehwahwa hadzo idzo. Haaa dzanyengererwa chete kuti bereka mwana ndokutengera doro idzi😂🙌🏾



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