Zimbabwe Reaches An Agreement With The UK Over Driver’s Licence

The Zimbabwe Government has reached an agreement with the UK over the driver’s licence conversion after months of nightmares.

Some Zim Drivers Were Causing Problems In The United Kingdom

Last year, the United Kingdom was denying Zimbabweans to convert their drivers licenses into the United Kingdom license. The UK’s Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency (DVLA) refused to convert Zimbabwean licenses unless applicants provided a Blue Copy Competence certificate.

Zimbabwe’s Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) was unable to provide the certificates of competence, which would be effective for 30 days while the UK processed the license.

Last year, Transport and Infrastructural Development Permanent Secretary Engineer Theodius Chinyanga revealed that the UK’s DVLA started demanding certificates of competency upon request for conversion of the Zimbabwean licence to a British licence because some Zimbos were using fake licence discs and causing accidents.

After public outcry, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development engaged the UK’s DVLA so that it would not request a certificate of competence.

Zimbabwe UK Driver's Licence
The Government has reached an understanding with the UK government and Zimbabwean can now convert their licenses with the DVLA.

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