NAMA Winky D Fans Angry Over His NAMA Nomination

Acclaimed Dancehall star Winky D’s fans are riled up following his NAMA nomination and are rallying for him to withdraw.

The People’s Choice Award Owner

The Ibotso hitmaker, arguably one of the country’s two most popular musicians for years, recently got nominated at the National Arts Merit Awards.

Winky D clinched a nomination in the People’s Choice Award. Other nominees include Holy Ten, Saintfloew, Voltz JT and comedian Mai Kirifodhi.

In the history of the NAMAs, no other artist has won more People’s Choice Award gongs than Winky D. So much did he win it that people even suggested that the award be named after him as his fans consistently voted for him.

The NAMAs nominate people based on entries and identify exceptional artists even when they don’t forward their music. Winky D would win the award without submitting entries since he clarified years back that he no longer submits music for award consideration in Zimbabwe.

NAMA Brings Back Winky D

However, last year, things took a different turn. Despite the many nominations, Winky D did not make the cut of the finalists. People suspected that the NAMAs were censoring him, considering this was the height of the fever caused by his politically charged album Eureka Eureka.

In 2024, the NAMA nominated Winky D once again, and his fans were furious.

Winky D’s Fans Angry As NAMA Nominates Him

They feel the body wants his name to prop up their profile. Some are angry that NAMA grouped Winky D with artists below his level.

Check out some of their sentiments below.


“The reason why WINKY D will never show up at these mediocre awards. You can’t put the Greatest Musician of all time next to Mai Kilofodi, honestly 🚮.”

“As for me, I think Winky D should just withdraw from these awards last time vakamubvisa kuzvima Awards zvese, so why now?? So now panoda kuzongonzi akadyiwa nanhingi…these guys veNhingi are pushing their narratives so hard.”


“On behalf of the members of parliament, judges, and human rights and gaffer fan base we aren’t happy “


“Winky D DiBigman is an International Award Winning Artist. Zimbabweans, be serious, please!”

“That’s an insult to us Gaffa fans; he should have his own category. Lifetime achievement or Icon what not those kids game“


“Winky muhombe akomana mukumuenzanisa nana10 and Kirifodi.”




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