Family Dismisses Police Account of Armed Robbery Suspect’s Godknows Machingura Death, Demands Independent Inquiry

In a shocking turn of events, the family of Godknows Machingura, an armed robbery suspect who was killed by police detectives, has raised serious concerns about the police’s account of his death.

The family is disputing the official police account of his death, alleging that he was a victim of police execution.

Godknows Machingura’s family is demanding an independent inquiry into the incident, citing disparities between the police version of events and the findings of the autopsy.

Godknows Machingura, a well-known music promoter, was fatally shot by detectives from the Harare CID homicide unit in a highly publicized incident that took place in December of last year.

The police claimed that Machingura had succumbed to a gunshot wound on the groin following a shootout in the Arcadia suburb of Harare.

Family Dismisses Police Account Claims, Police Execution in Godknows Machinguras Death

However, a family member who spoke on condition of anonymity has disputed this narrative, alleging that Machingura was a victim of police execution.

During the autopsy, it was revealed that Machingura’s body bore five bullet wounds, contradicting the police’s assertion of a single gunshot wound. His body also reportedly showed signs of severe physical abuse.

“We want a thorough and transparent investigation into the events leading to his death. In the news, it is falsely reported that Godknows sustained a gunshot wound yet he has five gunshot wounds; two shots in the head, one gunshot below the ribs, and two gunshots on his legs,” she said.

Torture and Brutality: Months-long Surveillance and Tragic End for Godknows Machingura

According to the family member who spoke to ZimLive, Godknows Machingura had been under police surveillance since April of the previous year, with detectives allegedly using one of his acquaintances, Paul Zhou, to lure him into a trap.

The family member claimed that Machingura was coerced into visiting Zhou’s residence in Waterfalls, where armed CID officers fired shots into the air, ordered him out of his car, and subjected him to a severe beating.

“He was dragged into Zhou’s house where he was severely beaten.

We hear that officers who held him captive then discussed among themselves on who among the six was should die on the day and they agreed on Machingura and Jabulani (Ngobeni).

Subsequently, Machingura and another individual named Jabulani Ngobeni were forced into Honda Fit vehicles and taken to an undisclosed location, where they were killed.

“Godknows and Jabulani were forced into Honda Fit vehicles and driven to an unknown location where they were killed and the remaining four were taken to remand.”

The family member further alleged that the remaining four individuals were taken into custody, while Machingura’s and Ngobeni’s bodies bore signs of torture, including torn backs and hands.

“Godknows back was also torn, and Jabulani also on his armpit has a huge hole, even his hands were torn apart by what appears to be very sharp objects.

The family member expressed their outrage and called for justice, describing the actions of the police as cruel. They also revealed that during a visit to Paul Zhou in remand prison, he confessed that Machingura had been shot in cold blood by detectives.

Seeking Accountability: Family Seeks Answers as Police Conduct Investigations

In response to the family’s demands for answers, national police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi urged the family to approach the Commissioner-General of Police’s office with their concerns. He assured them that the police were conducting investigations into the matter.



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