Graceful Success: Wicknell Chivayo Finally Reveals His Source of Income

Controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo has finally addressed one of the questions many people have been pondering — his source of income.

Of late, Wicknell Chivayo has been making headlines for spoiling himself with top-of-the-range cars and his car gifting spree.

Wicknell Chivayo was a recent guest on Capitalk FM ‘The Champions League Breakfast” show where he opened up about his wealth and icome.

Revealing the Wealth: Unmasking Wicknell Chivayo’s Income Sources

In an exclusive interview on Capitalk FM’s ‘The Champions League Breakfast’ show, hosted by Phathisani Sibanda and Tinashe Chikuse, Wicknell Chivayo opened up about his sources of income, wealth, and business ventures.

Chivayo revealed that he owns several businesses in the region, including South Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania.

He also disclosed his participation in government tenders.

“Well I have a lot of businesses in the region in Tanzania, South Africa and Kenya but my main businesses are in renewable energy and participating mostly in government tenders for engineering procurement and construction of power projects. More like the Gwanda Solar project were you team up with partners from rich companies from overseas like China, Germany,” Wicknell Chivayo said.

Wicknell Chivayo revealed that he owns a fuel company in South Africa that exports fuel.

“In South Africa l have a fuel company that exports fuel to Lesotho.

The Enigma of Wicknell Chivayo’s Work Ethic: Unraveling the Grace Factor

During the interview, Tinashe Chikuse revealed that one of the most asked questions about Wicknell Chivayo’s wealth is when does he work, given that he frequently posts himself on social media buying extravagant clothes, shoes, and cars.

In response to this question, Wicknell Chivayo claimed that it’s more about grace than his businesses.

It’s more about grace, It’s not about what kind of business l do, it’s about grace.

Wicknell added that even if he was to sell tomatoes, they would be purchased in substantial quantities due to his grace.





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