Kapfupi and Mai Nga in Fairytale Wedding

Popular comedian Freddy Manjalima, known by his stage name Kapfupi, recently celebrated a momentous occasion as he tied the knot with his longtime partner, Precious Kabrito, also known as Mai Nga.

The couple, who have been together for a significant period and are proud parents to five children, exchanged vows in a beautiful white wedding ceremony over the weekend.

While details about the ceremony are still emerging, fans have been treated to glimpses of Kapfupi and Mai Nga’s special day through photos circulating on social media. Well-wishers have flooded the platforms with messages of congratulations for the newlyweds.

Despite attempts to contact Kapfupi for a statement regarding his white wedding with Mai Nga, our efforts were unsuccessful at the time of publishing.

While Kapfupi’s professional career as a comedian and singer has garnered him accolades and acclaim, his personal life has not been without its challenges. Back in 2015, the entertainer found himself embroiled in a contentious custody battle with his ex-wife, Margaret Gejo.

According to Gejo’s relatives, Kapfupi allegedly took custody of their children without her consent, sparking a tumultuous tug-of-war between the former spouses. Family members further revealed that Kapfupi had impregnated Gejo when she was still a school-going teenager. Although they eventually married and had three children together, their relationship soured, leading Kapfupi to leave Gejo in favour of his now-wife, Mai Nga.

In 2014, Freddy Manjalima and Mai Nga joyfully welcomed their fifth child, a bouncing baby boy named Freddy Junior. However, in 2016, news reports emerged that Manjalima had an extramarital affair and fathered a daughter with Patience Chimbare.

Chimbare accused Kapfupi of failing to support their child’s basic needs, including obtaining a birth certificate. While Kapfupi acknowledged paternity, he expressed frustration at Chimbare for airing their dirty laundry in public.

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