Shameless Father Proposes Love to Son’s Wife in Leaked Audio

A viral audio clip has been causing a stir on social media, revealing a rather uncomfortable situation where a father expresses his love for his son’s wife.

Without showing any remorse for crossing boundaries, the father-in-law openly confesses his intense affection for his daughter-in-law. Surprisingly, the daughter-in-law responds with half-hearted denials, seemingly encouraging his advances.

The Start of the Conversation: Deleting Evidence

At the beginning of the conversation, the unidentified father-in-law reminds his daughter-in-law to delete their WhatsApp chat, to which she readily agrees. The father-in-law shows his rizz and lavishes her with praise and admiration throughout the call.

“Ndati to be honest ndirikukufunga zvisingatomboite,” the father-in-law says to which the daughter-in-law asks for clarity saying, “Kundifunga How?”

He proceeds to extol her virtues, expressing his belief that she is fortunate to be the object of his affection.

“To be honest you’re more than good. Your character is good,” the father said before clarifying that she is not talkative.

Father Proposes to Won Son’s Wife in Viral Audio

He even goes as far as promising to buy her Nivea lotion before the tone of the conversation takes a sharp turn and he boldly professes his love for her.

“You’re just good. Unoziva hana yangu inorova badzi ndikangokufunga hamano kuti chii,” he declares in the now-viral audio.

Despite his heartfelt declaration, he implores her to keep their exchange confidential, to which she nonchalantly agrees.

“Sorry to say this to you. Ndanyasununguka kukutaurira. Sorry to say this to you but you are just too good to me. But ndirikukumbirawo. Keep the secret with you,” the father-in-law says.

Instead of firmly rejecting her father-in-law’s advances, the daughter-in-law responds with a series of questions, such as whether their relationship would jeopardise her marriage. You can listen to the audio below:

Public Opinion: Mixed Reactions

Following the circulation of the audio clip, social media users weighed in with a range of opinions. Some criticized the daughter-in-law for not being assertive in her responses, while others emphasized that the father-in-law should be ashamed of himself for crossing such a line. Here are some of the comments:

Hahaaa katodyira kamuroora aka hanzii mashorei mhamha a 😂😂😂 twumibvunzo twacho soo kaaa twuri sweet

Owen Light:

Pamwe akuziva kuti mwana mkomana uyu haasi wake saka akutorova hake ma recovery ekumuchengeta kwaakaita kkkkkk. Wako chaiye haungambodaro

Apostle Melly Ncube:

Dhimoni rechihure rikakupfeka rokubvesa nyadzi dzose.Unoita zvivindi zvekutaura zvinhu zvinonyadzisa .Rozokuregedza chabvondoka either kuparara kwe marriage or kudeuka kweropa. Signs of the end times

Gaya vari baba vako vachikumbira bota remukadzi wako unoita sey? Ndipo paunozonzwa kut mwana akaponda baba vake

Queen Bridget:

Ummmm ipapa amwene vanogona kutorambira murume wavo vachitoti murora ihure ainyenga baba.

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