Watch: Valentine’s Day Proposal Ends in Tears For Harare Man After Girlfriend Rejects His Proposal at Chicken Inn

Valentine’s Day ended in tears for one Harare man after his girlfriend publicly rejected his proposal at Chicken Inn.

What was meant to be a romantic gesture turned into Valentine’s nightmare for the young man after his girlfriend turned down his engagement proposal.

Man Left Heartbroken After Girlfriend Rejects His Proposal at Chicken

Seeing that it was Valentine’s Day yesterday, the man, whose identity is currently unknown, tried to take his relationship with his girlfriend to the next stage by proposing to her.

In a short video clip, which is already trending on various social media handles, the man and his girlfriend can be seen standing in a queue at Chicken Inn close to the cashier till. The lady, who is wearing a grey blazer with black stripes along with a white blouse and brown slacks, can be seen holding a bouquet of red roses.

In a spur of the moment, the man, wearing a black shirt and a black beanie hat, suddenly goes down on one knee and starts proposing to his girlfriend just as she is about to order food in the fast-food restaurant.

The lady looks shocked and perplexed upon realizing her boyfriend is proposing. She immediately tries to make him stop, but it’s too late, as customers in Chicken Inn quickly notice what is going on, and all attention is on them.

The man can be seen pleading with her to accept his proposal, but the lady publicly rejects it. Seemingly embarrassed by her boyfriend’s romantic gesture, she continues to try to make him stop proposing and stand up, but he relentlessly refuses.

Infuriated, the lady promptly walks away, leaving her boyfriend still kneeling on one knee before he slumps himself onto the floor

Watch the video below;

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