10 common mistakes that make a lady look cheap

Spending a lot of money on clothes doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll look good or expensive.

Ladies invest a lot of time and effort into their appearance, and it’s completely understandable.

Pretty privilege is a real phenomenon, and it’s always worth the extra effort to achieve it.

However, the key to looking good is paying attention to the details. Spending a lot of money on clothes doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll look good or expensive.

Avoid these common mistakes that can cheapen your appearance as a lady:

1. Multicolored hair

If you want your hair to look its best, then it’s best to steer clear of multi-colored hair.

While it may seem like a fun and trendy idea, the reality is that it can be a difficult look to pull off, and it often ends up looking more tacky than stylish. So do yourself a favor and stick to one solid hair color – you’ll thank yourself later!

2. Peeled off nail polish

“Chipped nail polish is similar to a broken window.

Same case applies to grown-out acrylics. Sometimes it becomes difficult to find time for salon appointments, but having unkempt nails can lead others to think that we don’t care about our appearance and that we cut corners on small things.”

Ensure you look your best by removing old and chipped nail polish.

Nothing makes a better impression than well-manicured nails in a lady.

3. Bra straps showing with top

Wearing clothes that reveal your bra straps may give off the impression of carelessness and a lack of attention to detail.

To maintain a sophisticated and refined appearance, it is recommended to dress in a manner that conceals your undergarments.

To hide your bra straps when wearing a racerback top, clip them together at the back using a paper clip, ribbon, safety pin, or a bra clip.

4.Wrong foundation shade

The main objective of wearing makeup is to create a natural look as if you’re not wearing any at all.

Avoid a visible line between your face and neck.

Use the right foundation shade and undertone that matches your skin tone.

Get a foundation sample and wear it all day to check if the shade matches your skin tone all day long.

Avoid wearing too much make up , some extreme make ups are for special events but on a normal day just go for a simple make up look.

5. Wrinkled clothes

It’s important to look presentable by avoiding wrinkled clothing which gives the impression that you do not care about your appearance.

Makes you look like you just rolled out of bed.

6. Graphic t-shirts

When you wear a t-shirt with words on it, it may make you appear childish.

Moreover, graphic tees for women are usually available in low-price clothing stores that cater to the masses.

So, if you want to avoid looking cheap, you should change your approach towards dressing up.

Instead, take inspiration from the designers and stores that you admire. You will notice that most of them do not sell graphic tees in their women’s section.

7. Peeled Jewelry

Enhance your look by avoiding peeled off jewelry. It can cheapen your appearance and detract from your overall style.

Same case applies to rusty chains rings and earrings.

Wearing too many rings, bracelets or necklaces can instantly cheapen your look.

Also if you are not properly layering them, you may end up looking less stylish than you would like to.

8.Faded clothes

Its easy to notice when one is wearing a faded cloth and it really makes your outfit look cheap or people assume you just don’t care about your appearance.

People mostly judge you by how you dress first and then how you carry yourself .

Avoid wearing stained shirts and clothes too .

9. Overstretched clothes

overstretched shirt neck and jeans really demean how you look, it gives a homeless kind of view from people .

As a lady avoid wearing such clothes to improve on your look get fitting clothes and check the clothes material to avoid overstretching.

10. Stained shoes

Whatever outfit you wear make sure your shoes match the outfit.

Avoid stained shoes, worn out and uncomfortable shoes.

Also if you’re wearing socks depending on the shoe , avoid stretched socks.

Go for clean shoes and as the saying goes cleanliness is second to Godliness, a beautiful woman is a clean woman.




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