Heartbreaking Details Emerge On South African Man Who Killed Zimbabwean Thigh Vendors

Heartbreaking details are trickling in, shedding more light on the South African man who grimly killed Zimbabwean thigh vendors.

How The South African Man Killed Zimbabwean Thigh Vendors

Sifiso Mkhwanazi, the accused killer of alleged sex workers, reportedly slaughtered them in an empty room. Detective Sergeant Bongani Mbonambi revealed this during his testimony at the Johannesburg High Court yesterday.

Mbonambi stated that upon investigation, they uncovered used condoms, underwear, garden spades, bloodstains, and bodily fluids in the room. Investigators positively matched DNA samples retrieved from this room to three of the alleged victims.

He described a gruesome scene, with blood indicating the bodies were dragged downstairs and attempts to clean the blood from the stairs. The caretaker testified that a cleaner initially tended to the room but ceased when it became apparent it wasn’t being used. According to Mbonambi, the cleaner mentioned seeing Sifiso cleaning the room.

Mbonambi speculated that three or four victims might have been killed in this room and then dragged through the stairs. He suggested that Sifiso might have used missing dustbins from his father’s workshop to dispose of the bodies, as some were found in dustbins following the discovery of the first body in the slaughter room.

All victims shared common characteristics: hands tied from both front and back, signs of strangulation, and absence of money in their possessions. Mbonambi accused Sifiso of targeting thigh vendors and attempting to conceal the murders.

Sifiso Mkwananzi’s Previous Conviction

Sifiso had spent time in prison previously on a rape charge. Mbonambi argued against Sifiso’s claim that the murders were not premeditated, citing the consistent modus operandi of all cases.

The 21-year-old faces charges of murder, rape, obstructing justice, robbery, and possession of firearms and ammunition. Allegedly, he confessed to the murders during a conversation with his father, who is also a key witness.



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