Solarpro Zim launches rent-to-buy programme

LOCAL solar solutions provider Solarpro Zimbabwe Pvt Ltd has launched its innovative rent-to-buy programme as it seeks to make clean and sustainable energy more accessible than ever for households and businesses.

“We understand that the upfront cost of solar installations can be a barrier for many,” Solarpro Zimbabwe managing director Nyasha Chasakara said in a statement.

“With our rent-to-buy programme, we’re removing that barrier and empowering everyone to experience the significant benefits of solar energy, from reduced electricity bills to increased energy independence.”

The programme offers flexible financing options with monthly payments, allowing customers to own a solar system within a specified time frame. At the moment Solarpro, through its financing partners, is offering up to 12 months to pay for the solar systems.

This makes transitioning to solar power a manageable expense, eliminating the burden of a large upfront investment, the company said.

“With our rent-to-buy programme, we are not just selling solar systems. We are providing a pathway to energy independence, environmental responsibility and cost-saving for all Zimbabweans. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to harness the power of the sun,” Chasakara said.

The programme, according to Chasakara, unlocks immediate savings on electricity bills, while shielding users from future energy price hikes. With clever financing options and scalable systems, it allows users to own a powerful solar solution, tailored to their needs, without breaking the bank.

He said it was also a smart investment in clients’ future, delivering cost-effective energy independence for years to come.

Solarpro Zimbabwe is a leading provider of solar energy solutions, offering a comprehensive range of products and services for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Unreliable power supplies have seen households and companies transitioning to alternative energy sources like solar.

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