Murder victim’s family dumps decomposed body at mirderer’s home demanding 55 head of cattle

A family in Silobela dumps the corpse of their murdered relative at the killer’s home, seeking 55 head of cattle and US$8,500 in compensation before they can proceed with the burial of their son, Tinashe Manyeruke, who was allegedly killed in a revenge attack at Simana Business Centre in January.

Manyeruke lost his life on January 22, reportedly attacked and killed by Menelesi Ncube and Vitalis Ndlovu. The motive behind the attack was an alleged earlier incident where Manyeruke was accused of assaulting their brother.

According to the police, Manyeruke was hitchhiking in a vehicle on his way home when Ncube and Ndlovu approached and assaulted him while the driver stopped to purchase groceries.

Midlands Police Spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko, confirmed the murder but could not provide details on the latest developments.

Decomposed Body Dumped at Alleged Attacker’s Home

Silobela legislator Jonah Nyevera revealed that, following the family’s demands, the Ncube family could only gather 3 beasts as compensation, which the deceased’s family rejected. Subsequently, they placed Manyeruke’s decomposed body at the Ncube family homestead.

Nyevera stated, “The body was later taken by the police and conveyed to the Kwekwe General Hospital mortuary for further examination.”

Chiefs Struggle to Resolve the Dispute

Two chiefs, Chief Ruya and Malisa, whose jurisdiction covers the matter, have been meeting regularly to resolve the dispute without success. Nyevera expressed hope that a resolution would be reached soon for the sake of providing a dignified burial for the deceased.

Both traditional leaders and the police are trying to talk out the matter with both families and get the deceased to be buried.



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